Hello, Here at Canine Funbarn based in the beautiful town of Louth in Lincolnshire we are looking foward to meeting your furry friends.A place where you can rest assured that your dog will be well cared for, have a fun time playing and socialising and will be ready to cuddle up and sleep when they get home .

Do you work all day and leave your dogs home alone and bored?
Well now they can go to Canine Funbarn where thay can meet new friends and play all day.

You don’t need to feel guilty about leaving your dog at home alone now with nothing to do.

The most common cause for behavioural problems is boredom and excess energy, but by booking them into Canine Funbarn you don’t need to worry about either. You no longer need to come home to a stressed, lonely dog who is desperate for a walk and some attention. 

At Canine Funbarn we provide a safe and fun environment for your dog to play, socialise, exercise and nap with other friendly dogs while you are not at home – helping to prevent destructive and anxious behaviour.

We believe that exercise, mental stimulation and social interaction are essential to a dog’s well-being and with a spacious indoor and outside play area there is endless fun to be had running around in a socialsed doggy environment.



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Canine Funbarn is run by Tony Bryson, a Professional Dog Trainer and Canine First Aider with 15 years experience in training and working dogs for the British Army & Police for use in the UK and overseas. Now retired from the Army it has been his ambition to run his own Dog Training facility and Canine Funbarn is that dream turned into reality. We have successfully been running the funbarn and numerous courses for the last 18 months. Tony has also been the guest speaker on a number of occasions at Grimsby College and Lincoln University on Canine Behaviour and training.

Whether it’s for a few hours or the entire working day, we will entertain and fuss over them until you are ready to collect your canine companion.

All of the dogs have the freedom to run, play and socialise to their heart’s content, with other like-minded dogs in a secure fully insured play area. Whilst being fully supervised at all times, creating a truly perfect environment and giving them the ultimate doggy day out, and you, total peace of mind knowing that they are safe, happy and being cared for to the exceptional standard you would expect.


If you would like to enrol your dog, we need:
To meet you and your dog to see if he/she is suitable for doggy daycare.
For you to visit so that you can be reassured that Canine Funbarn is a great place for your dog to stay.
All of the dogs that attend daycare must be completely non-aggressive, comfortable in a group situation and be able to socialise well with other dogs, every dog must be totally up to date with all of their vaccinations, to ensure a happy, risk-free environment.

Don’t worry if your dog isn’t at this stage as our in house professional dog trainer will be running classes in the evenings to eliminate these issues and then your canine companion will be able to spend fun-filled days at Canine Funbarn.


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