£20 per dog/day Between 7am – 6pm

£12.50 Half Day . Morning 7am-12 or Afternoon 1pm-6pm .

Whether booked in for full day or half day sessions ,you must collect your dog by the closing time of that session, (by 12pm for half day morning) or (by 6pm for afternoon or all day session)

If dogs are not collected by end of session time you will be charged, whilst we understand that things happen and you may be 5 mins late now and then as long as you call us then no problem, however if its longer or happens regularly the charges are as follows:

Half day Sessions AM-late charges .After 12.15pm a £5.00/dog charge will apply.If you fail to collect your dog by 1pm you will be charged the full daycare rate.

Full Day & Half Day PM sessions -Late Charges After 6.15pm a £7/dog charge will apply. If you fail to collect your dog by 7pm you will be charged an extra £25/hour.


Discounts available on more than one dog from the same household .

Book in for five consecutive days and pay £80 instead of £100 .

Loyalty cards available ,once you have had ten full days with us you get your eleventh day free.